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I have been thinking for selling my partial for some time now even though I have only had it for a few short months. I put it up for sale just to see how much people would be willing to pay for it since I obviously know what I paid for it. Much to my excitement my email was flooded with questions about it and offers and people who wanted to buy it right away for more than I was asking for it. So I am selling it off to someone in the UK and am actually excited. I am sad I didnt get to wear it much or go to a con in it but I have college to pay for and I need to move the flip out of my parents house because god damn it I am 19 lol plus I need to buy a car. I have so much I need to save for so I have just that feeling of relief. And with how quick this person jumped at the chance to buy it I am sure they will get some great use out of it, way more then I have at least.


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Hunter Noel Armstrong
United States
My name is Hunter I am a 19 year old girl in college. I am not an artist of any kind but desperately want to be creative so I am slowly learning to draw. To make my self feel creative I like to do little crafty things and color free lineart. If you haven'g guessed by my pictures I have up I am a furry and I have been on for a long while but and just discovering how awesome that can be. I have 2 characters that I created and one I completely designed thanks to my artsy friend. Please do not steal either of them. If you do actions will be taken against you.

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